"I can't tell you how many times I've opened my pretty drawers this last week and felt so happy. Your presence, your thoughtful ideas and your focus are truly amazing to me. My kids also found it all so wonderful.  They are all happy learning and embracing the small changes. I was gushing on and on about you at a Lacrosse game yesterday.  My kids had to tell me to calm down. I am also so happy I've determined this new principle of every January I get a burst of Lara."
Margaret M., Decatur, GA




"Working with Leave it to Lara gives us back our free time, reduces conflict among opinionated parents & kids, and even saves us money. Lara created order out of chaos, establishing systems in our home (kitchen, offices, closets and more) that were practical and easy to adopt. Suddenly the kids could find their stuff! We stopped buying redundant items once we trusted that we could locate the ones we'd already purchased. She selected exactly the right organizing tools that for each need, and found the cheapest and best.  Most importantly, she is judgement free and a delight to have in our home. I would recommend her without hesitation and hope she will be willing to put up with our regressive pull toward clutter for many years to come."

Lauren W., Atlanta, GA




“I have used Lara’s fabulous organizing service several times since moving to Atlanta in 2005. After thirty years of marriage and three grown children, my collection of photographs, “things we might use someday”, extra furniture and furnishing for the adult children, etc. had gotten way out of control! She is patient, understanding, yet firm in a kindly way as you try to explain why you need to hang on to your “stuff.” She has a remarkable way of freeing you from this bondage—and she is so personable! I love the way she assesses the room and then goes out and purchases exactly what is needed for the proper storage—she makes it so easy! I have used Lara to organize my kitchen, garage, basement, my personal correspondence area and my husband’s home office. I highly recommend using her services as it really frees up your mind, time and your life!”
Teresa K., Atlanta, GA


"For about 6 years, I piled things up in our basement thinking I would organize it 'one day.' Every time I attempted to begin my organization project, I stood in the middle of everything wondering how to even begin. I was frustrated and unmotivated. I tried several times on my own before I finally wised up and called Lara. Everyone in the neighborhood who had used her services was extremely pleased with the results. After meeting with her to discuss the project, she helped me reclaim our basement in less than a month. Equally as important, she taught me organization skills that I can apply to other areas of the house. I would recommend her to anyone. She is smart, fun, motivating and truly good at what she does!”

Nancy L., Atlanta, GA


"I would highly recommend Lara Ballentine of "Leave it to Lara". She is bright and hard working, with great organizational solutions that really exceeded our expectations. She sets priorities and creates project plans, and works personally to create organizational systems that really make your life easier (if you're not already super organized, that is). She is very professional and stays on task. She includes shopping services into the organizing, so you don't have to go out and find your own shelving, baskets, etc., and she labels everything, too. I can't really say enough about how helpful her services are. She helped us organize our home office, storage spaces, tools, and laundry/mud room. The change has been phenomenal. She is also a great person to call if you are thinking of moving soon and/or selling your home in the coming months. She can reduce clutter - and stress! - making for a smoother transition (and of course making your home more appealing to buyers if you are selling).

Amanda F., Atlanta, GA


"I really appreciated all your help with organizing the house after we moved to Atlanta. Your personal shopping and help with installation made it possible for us to get things done a lot more easily. With both of us working and a preschooler, sometimes we just need an extra pair of hands and your service is just what the doctor ordered!"
Sara G., Atlanta, GA


"Lara is fantastic! She has been the answer to how I can get it all done! I have three young children and two small businesses that I manage in our household. It can certainly be overwhelming at times. Lara always makes it easier. She runs errands for me, helps me catch up on laundry, does the invoicing and filing for the businesses and has recently handled a newsletter mailing to 400 contacts. It’s great that she can fill in on both household and work related activities fully maximizing her time at the house. I fully trust her to get the job done right the first time and rarely have to give her much direction. Some days I feel like I have so much for which I am responsible. It is wonderful knowing Lara is there to back me up."

Julie M., Decatur, GA


“Lara is wonderful!! I had a basement full of paper crafting and other art supplies in complete disarray. She approached it with her many skills and it is now all organized so that I can find things and actually work with my supplies. She is very easy to work with and will do everything herself or with the customer's help. She came up with storage and organization ideas I would never have thought of and used the storage drawers, etc. that I already had. I recommend her for any type of organization project.”

Ann S., Marietta, GA


“We were thrilled with the services Leave it to Lara and her team provided. Her analysis of our closet needs was fantastic. She not only evaluated all those companies who provided the materials, but also did a great job of design and providing us options. She compared costs and gave insights on value for our investment. It was wonderful having her help us through this as we had so many other things to deal with in building our home. Even better, she and her team installed it all! We are grateful for all she did!”
Josh and Dana L., Atlanta, GA


“I am in true bliss on how good my house is starting to look. Martha Stewart will be able to come over in no time!!!”
Julie R., Atlanta, GA


“Leave it to Lara has changed my life. Lara began her magic by organizing the kids’ toy closet about a year and ½ ago and I have to say it still very organized. Lara labeled the shelves and organized things to where my daughter and son could reach and of course, put back when they were finished playing with it. Lara offers very simple, cost effective solutions to clutter that are very easy to maintain even for a 5 and 3 year old.

Lara has also done several photo albums for me that have turned out absolutely beautiful. I had all the pictures of the kids when they were babies in a box and Lara came in organized everything for me and put them into scrap books. It took very little of my time and she made the whole process seem effortless. I now have beautiful baby books for both of my children and no more guilt about procrastinating on getting them done.

Lara has also organized my kitchen, several closets, my laundry room, my office and my life. It is nice to have a place for everything, especially living in an older home where storage and space can be a challenge. Lara provides solutions that are very easy to keep up on your own. I highly recommend Leave it to Lara. Lara is worth every penny and more.”
Denise M., Atlanta, GA


“I can't believe how much room there is in the playroom!! I love it and so do the kids!! Thanks again so much! The kids are enjoying the playroom and actually using it and putting things away instead of throwing things in a heap. My son was thrilled today when he easily found something that he hadn't been able to locate for a long time - it's like having new toys! I think they really like having their own storage space - great idea. Thanks again for everything. By tackling the 2 big jobs that were looming over my head, you've inspired me to tackle the smaller jobs around the house! ”
Jill D., Atlanta, GA


“Whenever I feel like my spaces are getting out of control I know I can call Lara and she will fix it with one visit. She really helped me get my spaces to feel in control and manageable after she was finished.”

Carol H., Atlanta, GA


“Without Lara’s help, I never would have gotten control of the disorganization in my living room. She helped me choose the bookcase unit, bought it on my behalf, had it delivered and then worked with me putting the unit together. If it were left up to my husband and me, we’d probably be divorced :). Lara came with her tools and know-how and worked efficiently to build the whole unit and organize its contents. It was such a relief!”

Kim N., Atlanta, GA


“Lara’s organizational skills and enthusiasm for getting the job done are amazing. The first job she tackled for me was our home office, which had ceased being an office and was the place where a large array of things were stashed, mostly in piles and heaps. Though I had tried several times to clean the room or just make a dent in the piles of clutter, I never got very far. Lara came in and, together, we methodically went through everything in the room, completely transforming it into a clean, functioning office that the whole family uses. We went on from there to the garage to my clothes closet. Now, more than a year later, the areas that Lara organized are still organized.

Marc G., Atlanta, GA


“I cannot tell you how helpful you were! I am loving my closet! It really has changed my life because I can see my clothes and find something to wear. It has taken time off my morning routine. It makes me feel great every time I walk in it!”

Ginny D., Atlanta, GA


“We are really happy with the progress that we made with you and I really enjoyed our sessions! I am totally motivated to finish that basement during the holidays and our playroom and video cabinet are a pleasure to deal with now. My son LOVES his new space and is constantly getting into his cubbies to dig out markers and crayons, etc.”
Karen D., Atlanta, GA


“I just got back from vacation and was so excited to see how great everything looks. You did a great job as usual and I love having someone I can trust to get things done when I am not even there! It is like a double bonus vacation!”
Joelle, Atlanta, GA


“Thanks again so much for the GREAT work in my husband’s office. It is so nicely organized and looks wonderful!”
Mary, Atlanta, GA